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Discuss the details of the attractions. When looking at the itinerary, you should not only pay attention to the programs and attractions, whether they are in line with your interests, but also whether the labels are detailed. If the itinerary says "a day of skiing in the Alps" or "a half-day tour of the Gold Coast", you must be careful. Because the "Alps Mountain" and the "Gold Coast" are very large, there are many local ski resorts or beaches, and their facilities, management, and natural conditions are quite different, and the services they enjoy are very different. In this case, you must ask the travel agency for the specific name and situation of the ski resort or bath. Although you may not know even if you say it, there must be a problem if the travel agency can't tell. If you say the name, be sure to write it down and see if it matches in the future. In addition, when consulting other travel agencies, you can ask about the place by the way. Competitors often tell the truth.virtual phone
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