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Mesaj konusu: 3d Smax Klavye Kısayolları ..

Snap To Edge/Segment Toggle Alt+F10

Snap To Endpoint Toggle Alt+F8

Snap To Face Toggle Alt+F11

Snap To Grid Points Toggle Alt+F5

Snap To Midpoint Toggle Alt+F9

Snap To Pivot Toggle Alt+F6

Snap To Vertex Toggle Alt+F7

Main UI

Adaptive Degradation Toggle O

Align Alt+A

Angle Snap Toggle A

Arc Rotate View Mode Ctrl+R

Auto Key Mode Toggle N

Background Lock Toggle Alt+Ctrl+B

Backup Time One Unit ,

Bottom View B

Camera View C

Clone Ctrl+V

Cycle Active Snap Type Alt+S

Cycle Selection Method Ctrl+F

Cycle Snap Hit Alt+Shift+S

Default Lighting Toggle Ctrl+L

Delete Objects .

Disable Viewport D

Display as See-Through Toggle Alt+X

Environment Dialog Toggle 8

Expert Mode Toggle Ctrl+X

Fetch Alt+Ctrl+F

Forward Time One Unit .

Front View F

Go to End Frame End

Go to Start Frame Home

Hide Cameras Toggle Shift+C

Hide Geometry Toggle Shift+G

Hide Grids Toggle G

Hide Helpers Toggle Shift+H

Hide Lights Toggle Shift+L

Hide Particle Systems Toggle Shift+P

Hide Shapes Toggle Shift+S

Hide Space Warps Toggle Shift+W

Hold Alt+Ctrl+H

Isometric User View U

Left View L

Lock User Interface Toggle Alt+0

Material Editor Toggle M

Maximize Viewport Toggle Alt+W

MAXScript Listener F11

New Scene Ctrl+N

Normal Align Alt+N

Open File Ctrl+O

Pan View Ctrl+P

Pan Viewport I

Percent Snap Toggle Shift+Ctrl+P

Perspective User View P

Place Highlight Ctrl+H

Play Animation /

Quick Align Shift+A

Quick Render Shift+Q

Redo Scene Operation Ctrl+Y

Redo Viewport Operation Shift+Y

Redraw All Views `

Render Last F9

Render Scene Dialog Toggle F10

Restrict Plane Cycle F8

Restrict to X F5

Restrict to Y F6

Restrict to Z F7

Save File Ctrl+S

Scale Cycle Ctrl+E

Select All Ctrl+A

Select Ancestor PageUp

Select and Move W

Select and Rotate E

Select By Name H

Select Child PageDown

Select Children Ctrl+PageDown

Select Invert Ctrl+I

Select None Ctrl+D

Selection Lock Toggle Space

Set Key Mode '

Set Keys K

Shade Selected Faces Toggle F2

Show Floating Dialogs Ctrl+`

Show Main Toolbar Toggle Alt+6

Show Safeframes Toggle Shift+F

Show Selection Bracket Toggle J

Snap To Frozen Objects Toggle Alt+F2

Snaps Toggle S

Snaps Use Axis Constraints Toggle Alt+D, Alt+F3

Sound Toggle \

Spacing Tool Shift+I

Spot/Directional Light View Shift+4

Sub-object Level Cycle Insert

Sub-object Selection Toggle Ctrl+B

Top View T

Transform Gizmo Size Down -

Transform Gizmo Size Up =

Transform Gizmo Toggle X

Transform Type-In Dialog Toggle F12

Undo Scene Operation Ctrl+Z

Undo Viewport Operation Shift+Z

Update Background Image Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B

View Edged Faces Toggle F4

Viewport Background Alt+B

Virtual Viewport Pan Down NumPad 2

Virtual Viewport Pan Left NumPad 4

Virtual Viewport Pan Right NumPad 6

Virtual Viewport Pan Up NumPad 8

Virtual Viewport Toggle NumPad /

Virtual Viewport Zoom In NumPad +

Virtual Viewport Zoom Out NumPad -

Wireframe / Smooth+Highlights Toggle F3

Zoom Extents All Selected Z

Zoom Extents All Shift+Ctrl+Z

Zoom Extents Alt+Ctrl+Z

Zoom In 2X Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Z

Zoom Mode Alt+Z

Zoom Out 2X Alt+Shift+Z

Zoom Region Mode Ctrl+W

Zoom Viewport In [, Ctrl+=

Zoom Viewport Out ], Ctrl+-

Track View

Add Keys A

Apply Ease Curve Ctrl+E

Apply Multiplier Curve Ctrl+M

Assign Controller C

Copy Controller Ctrl+C

Expand Object Toggle O

Expand Track Toggle Enter, T

Filters Q

Lock Selection Space

Lock Tangents Toggle L

Make Controller Unique U

Move Highlight Down Down Arrow

Move Highlight Up Up Arrow

Move Keys M

Nudge Keys Left Left Arrow

Nudge Keys Right Right Arrow

Pan P

Paste Controller Ctrl+V

Scroll Down Ctrl+Down Arrow

Scroll Up Ctrl+Up Arrow

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